Bryce Love Beats ASU, Stanford Also Present

34-24 Cardinal Wins

Bryce Love put together yet another magnificent performance, far outshining any other player on the field. The phenom’s performance captivated the nation, fortunate to get to play a game while the sun was shining and east coast football fans remained. While this was going on, ASU exposed some flaws in Stanford’s defense… and Stanford raised some tough questions about what other tools they have for scoring points.

Bryce Love, Man

Love rushed for 301 yards and 3 touchdowns, including some spectacular downfield sprints that will be on highlight reels all week. Love’s extraordinary talents have allowed him to rack up 1088 yards on the young season- 4th most all time through five games. The Heisman chatter is about Saquon Barkley, but Love has made his own case to be considered the best athlete in the country this season.

Sun Devils Expose Weakness

Arizona State rushed for over 200 yards on the night, laying down a blueprint for how to run on Stanford this season that every team down the Cardinal’s schedule will seek to emulate. Reminiscent of the losing effort agains USC, ASU’s best plays came between the tackles- an area that Stanford usually excels. Stanford also continues to have problems in the passing game- a persistent lack of explosiveness or consistency that will doom them, if a team can find a way to stop Bryce Love.

What’s Next?

If Bryce Love can be stopped, a road contest against Utah’s mighty front seven is probably where it will happen. This Saturday, the Cardinal offense will be tested for sure. Arizona State will sit back and enjoy a relaxing bye week.

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