Wild Affair Ends in an ASU Victory

37-35 Sun Devils Win

This game had #PAC12AfterDark written all over it, and it delivered on that promise, with two lead changes and four potential game-winning drives in the final 8 minutes or so. Ultimately, Oregon found themselves looking at a few too many third-and-longs and couldn’t create the kind of blistering offensive efficiency that had made them hard to stop in the past. Credit to the ‘Devils for finally getting the Oregon monkey off their back.

‘Devils Slow Oregon Rushing Attack

ASU won this game in the trenches, dramatically limiting Oregon’s usually potent run game.  Oregon was averaging 5.32 yards per carry coming into this contest. ASU held the team to 4.0 yards per carry. Royce Freeman never found a rhythm, only carrying the ball 15 times. ASU’s defense was aggressive and filling gaps all night, and it ultimately kept the Ducks from the long, clock-grinding drive they needed late to put the game away.

Ducks Can’t Convert 3rd Downs

Oregon went just 1-11 on 3rd down, a shocking stat for the usually explosive offense. Their struggles tonight were aggravated by a great deal of success on the part of ASU on 2nd down- of the 11 first downs Oregon faced, only one was for less than 5 yards. Forced into one-dimensional choices on third down, Oregon couldn’t get enough going to quite keep up with the high powered attack of the Sun Devils.

What’s Next?

Oregon hosts the Cal Bears next Saturday, an intriguing matchup for a rising Cal team against a suddenly vulnerable-looking Ducks squad. ASU travels to Stanford to take on a Cardinal squad that is desperate to prove that the losses to USC and San Diego State were flukes.

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