Stanford Runs Over UCLA

58-34 Cardinal Wins

UCLA is in total disarray, and was utterly unable to stop Stanford from running the ball over, around, and through their defense. If that wasn’t bad enough, a rough outing from Josh Rosen was the cherry on top of the crappy football sundae that the Bruins made their fans eat tonight. Stanford, meanwhile, put together a fairly complete performance, and looks to be putting the last two weeks behind them.

Goodness Gracious, UCLA’s Run Defense

It’s hard to put a pin in just how bad UCLA was at defending the run against Stanford. Bryce Love picked up 263 yards on 30 carries. Cameron Scarlett added 86 of his own on 8 carries, including a spectacular 62 yard TD and two more short-yardage scores. Conner Weddington had a 43 yard run. UCLA couldn’t stop them, and frankly it didn’t look like they were even trying that hard.

Rough Night for Rosen

Rosen completed 67% of his passes for 480 yards and 3 touchdowns, rosy numbers that were heavily puffed up by garbage time drives in the late fourth quarter when the game was well out of reach. Rosen threw two interceptions, which makes four in the last two games. It’s not that Rosen is bad or not playing well, but it’s clear that the Bruins are asking him to be the offense, defense, and special teams for a UCLA team that doesn’t have many other answers.

What’s Next?

The Cardinal welcome the Sun Devils to their stadium next Saturday afternoon, and hope to build off this week’s strong showing. Colorado visits UCLA, in an interesting matchup between two reeling PAC 12 South teams.

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