Wacky Finish & Ugly Play Be Damned, Utah Beats Arizona

30-24 Utes Win

After a fairly clean performance against SJSU, Utah hoped to have put their sloppy play behind them. After 60 minutes of loads of penalties, bad snaps, flubbed onside recoveries, and a host of other wacky hijinks… they still beat Arizona by 6. The Wildcats are reeling, 2-2, and have a host of wounds to nurse, both emotional and physical.

Penalties Loom Large

There was a lot of sloppy play, including 9 penalties for 83 yards, a problem Utah hoped to have solved by now. Fumbled snaps and a host of other missed opportunities- including a memorable onside kick late in the fourth quarter that bounced all the way to the Utah 35 before being recovered by Arizona- were not enough to derail a Utah effort that was led by a savage defense.

Defense Comes Up Again and Again

Utah’s 14 turnovers leads the FBS, tied with South Florida (it helps to play your games early- the Bulls played Thursday night). One of the Utes’ three interceptions was a crucial pick 6 that proved to be the winning margin, and Utah also racked up 9 tackles for a loss. Also worthy of accolades are Utah’s special teams heavies, who got their paws up and blocked two Arizona field goals.

What’s Next?

Utah gets a bye week with no shortage of film to study and a chance to get healthy, as starting quarterback Tyler Huntley ended the night in street clothes and a sling and starting left end Kylie Fitts was on crutches. Arizona also gets a bye- and they need it as well, with a ton of injuries of their own.

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