Utah Takes SJSU to the Woodshed

54-16 Utes Win

Utah came away with a few field goals early, but the touchdowns started coming fast and furious later on in this lopsided shellacking of the bottom-dwelling Spartans. Tyler Huntley continues to be a revelation at quarterback, and Utah’s defense looks as good as it’s ever been- and maybe the best in the PAC.

Huntley Dominates the Spartans

The Utes’ new-look offense runs through Tyler Huntley, and he continues to deliver, albeit against weaker competition. After picking up most of his touchdowns on the ground in prior weeks, he flashed his ability through the air, throwing for 341 yards and four touchdowns on 70% passing. If you’re not keeping an eye on this kid, start.

Top Shelf Defense Dominates

No one is mistaking San Jose State for San Diego State this season, but it takes a magnificent performance to hold any team under one yard per carry. Utah is currently 1st in the nation in per-carry run defense, at 1.66. They are 11th nationally in yards per play. They haven’t played anyone yet, but neither have other dominant defenses like Washington and Wisconsin- and the Utes are outperforming both.

What’s Next?

The cushy non-conference schedule gives way to a tough matchup with the Arizona Wildcats, who look like a solid, balanced, and well-coached team. Utah will look to write a fourth act in the Huntley show, and demonstrate that their defense hasn’t been padding the numbers against inferior Os.

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