Sun Devils Furious Comeback Falls Short

52-45 Sun Devils Lose

The game looked ugly early, but the ‘Devils came storming back late, posting a 21-10 advantage in the third quarter and tying it up late. It wasn’t quite enough, however, and ultimately the dynamic offense of the Red Raiders brought them down. A respectable showing for a team that was expected to struggle to compete.

Helpless Against the Air Raid

Nic Shimonek and the Texas Tech offense were scoring at will all night, to the tune of 10.9 yards per attempt and 6 touchdowns. ASU mustered some stops, but it ultimately wasn’t enough. It’s been a problem for the Sun Devils all season- their 37.7 points per game allowed is 118th in the nation. This isn’t the sort of problem a team solves within a season, but if they don’t start to shore things up they are going to continue to lose games in conference.

Sun Devils Can Score

It’s hard to fault the ASU offense, who, although they were outgained by the Red Raiders, picked up 494 yards of total offense, with good success on the ground and through the air. It has to be frustrating to be able to score so much and still come away with the loss. Lopsided teams like this sometimes succumb to internal strife, and with a hotseat head coach the situation at Arizona State is ripe for it.

What’s Next?

ASU welcomes the Oregon Ducks into their stadium, in what seems to be a recipe for crazy quantities of points. Oregon is playing better defense right now- but what happens next week is anybody’s guess.

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