Ducks Hogtie the Cowboys

49-13 Ducks Win

This game was an intriguing match-up, at least before any football had been played. By week three, the Ducks had exceeded expectations and the Cowboys had fallen far short, and there was little doubt as to the result in Laramie. Still, the scope of the beat-down the Ducks laid on Wyoming here is worthy of mention. This is a darn good Oregon team.

Ducks Offense in High Gear

Passing- 251 yards and a touchdown. Rushing- 307 and 6 scores. There was just no stopping Oregon’s offense against Wyoming, as they did whatever they liked. Royce Freeman continues to shine, piling up 157 yards and 3 touchdowns on the ground and tacking on a 50 yard reception to bump him over 200 all-purpose yards on the night. If there’s something that can stop this Oregon buzz saw, they haven’t run into it yet.

Josh Allen Gets Worked Over

Josh Allen, Wyoming’s big, talented quarterback, had built up a lot of hype entering the season. The Ducks must not have heard it, because they completely dominated the Cowboys’ signal caller, holding him to 2.7 yards per attempt, no touchdowns, and an interception. It’s hard to hold any quarterback down like that, and Allen really is excellent. The Ducks will need those quarterback dominating skills as they enter conference play.

What’s Next?

The Ducks visit high-scoring Arizona State, a game which should feature a mind-boggling amount of points. Another blowout like this one will start earning Oregon deserved national attention. The Taggart era is off to a very good start.

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