Wildcats Dynamite Miners

63-16 Wildcats Win

Arizona must have been frustrated with their performance last week, as they took it out on UTEP tonight. It was an end-to-end beatdown of a totally overmatched opponent, and the Wildcats showed no mercy, including three fourth down attempts while leading by a large margin.

Dawkins Pulls it Together

Arizona’s quarterback, Brandon Dawkings, was pulled early in last week’s game but made up for it tonight. He went 18/21 through the air, and compiled 288 all purpose yards and 6 touchdowns, 3 in each phase. It was about as good of a night for the Wildcats beleaguered quarterback as could have been hoped, and he’ll need to stay sharp as he heads into the teeth of a PAC 12 schedule that won’t be as forgiving as UTEP was.

Defense Locks it Down

The Miners were swallowed whole by a smothering Wildcats defense. The running game was completely shut down, averaging only 1.2 yards per carry. The passing game fared little better, with two Miners quarterbacks throwing 46% for 5.2 yards per attempt. Arizona never let up for a moment in this game, despite the offense enough points that they could easily have taken their foot off the gas without jeopardizing the result.

What’s Next?

Arizona won’t get to sleepwalk next week when Utah comes to town. The Utes are notoriously physical and intimidating, and will look to pound the Wildcats into submission. It should be a good one.

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