Oregon Edges Nebraska

42-35 Ducks Win

It looked like the blowout Ducks fans were hoping for in the first half, but Oregon fell asleep in the second, giving up 21 unanswered points to make the game interesting. Although they didn’t get the attention-grabbing win that was hoped for, it was a good W with a lot to like for the new look Ducks.

Amazing First Half

The Ducks offense looked simply magnificent in the first half, getting plays in chunks every which way. Nebraska simply had no answer for what they were doing, and the defense played fairly well, too. There were mistakes and learning opportunities, but overall the first half was a three-phases shellacking, just what the Ducktor ordered.

Second Half Blues

As good as the first half was, the second half was bad. Three punts, a fumble, an interception, and a turnover on downs were the grand total of the results in this part of the game, and all the while Nebraska kept making it closer and closer. The ‘Huskers got the ball back with more than two minutes on the clock, but a timely interception ended their hopes.

What’s Next?

The Ducks have the dubious privilege of visiting Laramie Wyoming next week. The Cowboys no doubt have designs on an upset, and they do have some talented players on the roster, but as long as Oregon plays any defense at all it should be just fine.

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