Cal Pulls Away Late

33-20 Bears Win

FCS Weber State looked pretty darn good last night, and were tied with Cal in the fourth quarter. The Bears buckled their chinstraps and took care of business, ultimately winning by 13, but the good feelings from the hard-fought victory over the Tarheels have more or less dissipated.

Wildcats Gain Yards at Will

They struggled to turn them into points, but Cal’s opponents were able to pick up yards any time they wanted, and a lot of them. Weber State was knocking on the door of a 600 yard game against a Bears defense that could not stop their passing attack. If it weren’t for 3 fumbles, it’s likely that Cal would have lost this game.

Ross Bowers Plays Well

Bowers put together an efficient, conservative performance that should have been more than enough against an FCS squad, going 20/28 for 200 yards. Cal fans will want to see more from him in future games, but it’s hard to say if this was the result of uninspired play on his part or a conservative game plan that underestimated what Weber State would be able to do. In coming weeks, Cal’s gunslinger will look to pull it all together and have the Cal-quality performance Bears fans are waiting for.

What’s Next?

Ole Miss comes to town fresh off their own lackluster win against an overmatched opponent, in a game that will probably be pretty close. This isn’t a premier matchup, but PAC 12 vs. SEC is always worth a closer look.

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