Arizona Can’t Handle Houston

19-16 Wildcats Lose

A pretty grim showing from Arizona tonight, and in particular an offense that couldn’t get anything done. Houston looked like they were itching to hit somebody tonight, and took it out on an Arizona team that wasn’t ready for the onslaught. The ‘Cats found the end zone only once.

Dawkins Gets Pulled

Brandon Dawkins compiled a 17/29 line for 178 yards before he was pulled for Khalil Tate (Dawkins may have been hurt), who fared little better. The offensive explosion against NAU is but a distant memory, and the Wildcats offense looked like it was in crisis tonight. There’s no way to spit-polish this game to a shine, it was a real stinker.

Decent Defensive Performance

The loss hurts, but Arizona’s defense performed well. A massive kickoff return was a huge part of the Cougars’ success, and a safety also added crucial points to the differential. The Wildcats D mostly held down the Cougars, getting a couple of picks and slowing down Houston’s rushing attack. Particularly given the constant strain placed on them by the offense, this was a good day for the D.

What’s Next?

UTEP, in the first road game for the Wildcats, who should be heavily favored headed into this matchup against a clearly inferior team. With how they performed tonight, though, there are no sure things.

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