Colorado Coasts Against Texas State

37-3 Buffs Win

Colorado made their hay with a smothering defensive effort, holding the Bobcats to only a field goal. It wasn’t all coming up roses for the Buffs though, as the offense never quite found fifth gear for the second week in a row. There’s still a lot to work on with a game against Washington just two weeks away.

Defense Once Again Shines

The Bobcats were mostly helpless against Colorado’s fierce attack, picking up only 156 rushing yards on 47 carries and 127 passing yards on 44% passing. The lone dark spot was a smattering of missed assignments and explosive plays- while Colorado was able to lock them down and save the drive, against better opposition they were plays that likely go the distance. Still, a strong day for the defense.

Offense Continues to Sputter

Colorado’s offense isn’t BAD, exactly, but there isn’t really a spark there. It showed in an efficient, workmanlike, but uninspiring effort against the Bobcats. A strong passing effort covered for a running game that could get nothing going, earning only 2.2 yards per carry. The final score looks good, but was propped up by a 41 yard interception return and a punt return TD. Texas State is a truly terrible team; Colorado still has a lot of work to do on offense.

What’s Next?

Colorado gets one more tune-up against the University of Northern Colorado before they run headfirst into their PAC 12 schedule. Not scoring much against two FBS teams is problematic, but if they can’t score against these guys, it doesn’t look good for when the games start to count.

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