UCLA Completes Historic Comeback Over TA&M

45-44 Bruins Win

In an astounding, historic series of events, Josh Rosen led the Bruins back from a brutal, embarrassing, fire-Mora-before-sunrise defeat to one of the most unlikely and triumphant victories in college football history. Down 34 with as little as 4 minutes to play in the 3rd quarter, UCLA’s defense turned on the juice and Rosen found his stride. Truly one for the ages.

Rosen Gets His Groove Back

This recap would have had an entirely different tone without Rosen’s spectacular fourth quarter performance. He wound up with 491 yards and 4 TDs on 59% passing, sealing the game with a fake spike and a lovely fade pass to the end zone. It didn’t start as well for the Bruins quarterback, but it’s the final few drives that will lodge themselves in the viewer’s memory.

Run Defense a Problem

The run defense of the Bruins, despite the few late stops they achieved to allow Rosen to orchestrate the comeback, was Swiss cheese all night, giving up 382 yards on the ground and 6.1 a carry. That is a critical weakness that the Bruins will need to fix. This was a magnificent comeback, but you can’t make magic happen every night.

What’s Next?

UCLA hosts the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors next week in what ought to be a tune-up game. It’s a good thing, too, as it will probably be a few days before they can get their heads on straight after this one. What a night.

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