Oregon Steamrolls SUU

77-21 Ducks Win

Oregon blasted their helpless opponent in a dominant, wire-to-wire win that displayed a Ducks-of-old offense and an excellent defense. Fans of the other 11 teams in the conference no doubt had a little chill run down their spines as they wondered- are the Ducks back? Only time, and P5 opponents, will tell.

Offense Firing on All Cylinders

There’s too many good things here to really focus on any one. The Ducks picked up 13.1 yards per pass and 6.7 yards per rush. They had two running backs over 100 yards and 9 rushing touchdowns. This was just a magnificent, wire-to-wire victory that deserves every accolade you can throw at it.

Defense Matches the Offense

SUU is a solid FCS team, but not a great one. Nonetheless, the Ducks wreaked an impressive amount of havoc, with 5 sacks and 8 passes broken up. The Thunderbirds couldn’t run to save their lives, and the passing game didn’t fare much better. Every bit as dominant on defense as offense, there was very little to criticize about this performance.

What’s Next?

A not particularly strong Nebraska team visits Autzen Stadium, fresh off a near-loss to an FCS opponent. Down year or not, a win over Nebraska is always a resume-builder, and the Ducks are no doubt eager to see if what worked so well against SUU can work against higher-end competition.

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