Oregon State Squeaks Out their First Win

35-32 Beavers Win

“You can’t get two wins until you get one win” is what Gary Anderson had to say about this game, and that’s about all you can say about it. Portland State is not a good FCS team, and the truth is they outplayed the Beavers more or less wire-to-wire, although a handful of big swing plays kept Oregon State in it long enough to win in the waning seconds.

But For Picks, Defense a Failure

32 is more points than you ever want your team to give up to a team a division down, and when you take into account numerous missed extra points and other miscues from the Vikings in this game, it seems like less than they should have scored. Portland State racked up 515 total yards of offense, including 8 yards per pass and over 5 yards per carry. Two interceptions were all that kept the Beavers in this game, and the points off a pick six proved crucial.

Luton May Be Rounding Into Form

Watching Oregon State, it’s been difficult not to wonder if the starting QB Jake Luton was really their strongest option. He started to look like a proper P5 quarterback late, when he pushed the Beavers methodically down the field on their final, game winning drive. Luton went 6-6 and lobbed in the winning touchdown on that series.

What’s Next?

Oregon State hosts the Minnesota Golden Gophers, the only team left on their schedule who they are favored to defeat. If they can correct the defensive mistakes, they should have a good chance to come away with the W.

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