Gameday- ASU vs. New Mexico State




ASU LogoThe Sun Devils provide the nightcap for Thursday’s festivities, welcoming the New Mexico State Aggies into town. As the Aggies are projected to be one of the very worst FBS teams in the country, there’s little intrigue to the result in this game.

G.A.W.P. gives the Sun Devils a 97.75% chance of earning the victory in this game- It’s fair to say “only 98%” here- the product the Aggies put on the field is far from competitive.  ASU isn’t expected to put together a banner year this year either, but it would be a true shocker if they fell to the hapless team from New Mexico State.

Storylines to Watch:

The Video Board- Okay, so it’s not a storyline, but the Sun Devils new video board is a spectacular piece of technology. ASU fans will no doubt be drinking in the big screen and enjoying the fact that it’s exactly one foot larger in each dimension than Arizona’s video board. Well played, ASU.

Can The Defense Perform- Todd Graham’s defenses have gone from being among the best in the country to among the worst over the last four years, and it is well past time for a turnaround. New Mexico State isn’t exactly a strenuous test, but a good defensive result would be a promising early return.


Look for a shootout, except the Aggies have a musket and the Sun Devils a semiautomatic.

Although ASU fans are hoping for a strong defensive performance, there’s no reason to project one.

ASU NMSU ScorecurveThe ‘Devils are going to have to put their foot on the gas and keep it there if they want a comfortable blowout of the Aggies, as it’s not likely they will be able to stop every drive.

North Mexico State has brought in a load of JUCO transfers and is hoping to shift their fortunes in a hurry. If the game is closer than expected, there’s reason to hope that the Aggies are better than they were projected to be. It should only be a question of close or comfortable, as it’s extremely likely that ASU wins this game.

New Mexico State 12, Arizona State 41


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