Stanford Rolls Rice Down Under

62-7 Cardinal Wins

This was a savage, end to end beating featuring an efficient Cardinal offense and a smothering, vicious defense that Rice was simply unable to find any answers for. Stanford leaped out to an early lead and never looked back. It was an effortless and workmanlike dressing-down, indicating that Stanford appears worthy of their lofty ranking as the season opens.

Bryce Love Silences Doubters

If you were paying attention to the last few games of 2016, you had a lot of faith in Bryce Love. Still, he wasn’t quite universally regarded as having successfully filled the shoes of Christian McCaffrey, but he’s silenced any doubters who may have remained. Love picked up 180 yards on just 13 carries, gouging the Owls again and again. Observers will want to see how he performs against better competition, but there’s no doubt that tonight, he met the lofty expectations set for him in the offseason.

Defense Reloads Without a Hitch

Two sacks, seven tackles for a loss, and four passes defensed are gaudy laurels to go alongside holding your opponent to 4.0 yards per pass attempt and 3.8 yards per carry. Rice just couldn’t hope to move the ball against a Stanford defense that looks to have reloaded at crucial positions. Like the Bryce Love performance, there’s some withholding of judgement until the Cardinal has had a chance to face a legitimate offense, but given the quality of the competition available, you couldn’t ask for a much more dominating performance from the Stanfor defense.

What’s Next?

The Rice Owls get a week to lick their wounds before they visit UTEP in a matchup that their fans and coaches no doubt hope will be much more balanced and competitive. Stanford will also take a week to recover from the jet lag, and then travel to #4 USC for a marquee matchup with conference and national implications. With potentially a playoff berth on the line, Stanford is no doubt pleased to be moving on from this tune-up in fine shape.

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