Oregon State Hangs In Early, Crumbles Late.

58-27 Rams Win

The undoubted story of the game was turnovers, as QB Jake Luton threw three picks and the team fumbled the ball away twice. What was an exciting, back and forth affair through the first half got less interesting after Colorado State returned a tipped pass for a touchdown, seizing the momentum. The Beavers fought hard and brought it within 10 with about 12 minutes to go in the game, but ultimately couldn’t contain the multi-dimensional attack of the Rams.

Identity Crisis

The Beavers are defined by running back Ryan Nall, who is the best player on their offense and often the best player on the field. Despite a score that was fairly close throughout, however, Oregon State succumbed to playing catch-up, ultimately winding up with 47 passes to 29 carries. Nall himself only got 15, which he turned into 115 yards and a touchdown. Luton looked over-matched most of the game, struggling with accuracy and decision making. He would finish the night 27/47 for 304 yards, with 2 TDs and 3 INTs. 6.46 yards per attempt and 57% completions isn’t going to win many games.

Impressive Debut for the Rams

The disappointing performance from the Beavers was coupled with a breakout game from the Rams. Nick Stevens cut the Beaver’s defense to ribbons, they ran the ball well enough, and the defense was aggressive and effective. The final score was pretty ugly, but the Beavers were game throughout against a team that’s likely going to notch a lot of Ws this season. It’s easy to heap criticism on Oregon State, but there’s still a glimmer of hope out there.

What’s Next?

The Beavers next opponent is an FCS team that won only 3 games last year, the Portland State Vikings. The Vikings gave BYU all they could handle on Saturday, ultimately falling 20-6. Meanwhile, Colorado State takes a crack at their PAC 12 rival, the Colorado Buffaloes. That contest will likely be exciting, and telling about the futures of both teams.

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