Welcome to the PAC 12 Blog

Welcome to the inaugural, 2017 season of PAC 12 football coverage from PAC12blog.com. We’re going to embrace the complexity of the game- providing high end analysis of team tactics and strategy, pre- and post-game coverage for every PAC 12 football game, and a series of weekly features that will always give fans of the PAC 12 something to talk about. There are hundreds of articles planned for the season, with more to come as we share breaking news around the conference.

Data-Driven Analysis

  • Gameday Predictions- years of research and analysis have gone into to developing Global Adjusted Win Percentage (learn more here), which takes four different high-reliability win prediction models, adjusts for their internal biases, and generates a win probability for every PAC 12 game. We use this and traditional analysis to bring you pre-game coverage and a score prediction.
  • Win Projections- G.A.W.P. is good for more than just gameday; we leverage this metric to bring you season win probabilities for every team, every result, every week.
  • Bowl Predictions- We combine total record probabilities, odds in specific games, and old-fashioned football knowledge to identify who is most likely to win the conference, finish ahead in the polls, and impress the bowls.  

Top-Notch Fan Service

  • In Depth Recaps- In a conference as competitive as the PAC, every game matters. You don’t have time to keep tabs on every game, so come here for the real story about what happened.
  • PAC 12 Scramble- Make the blog your first stop Wednesday morning for a look around the league at how the teams are making news. Links to read for every team in the PAC.
  • Power Rankings- Nothing stirs debate like putting things in order, and the PAC 12 Blog will deliver power rankings every Monday.

Come back every day for new content, original research, and exclusive statistics. We can’t wait for the season to start!

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